Selling your home?

Damien Steele Real Estate - A refreshing approach

If you are thinking about selling your home we would love to work with you. Our primary purpose is to maximise your sale price within a relationship of trust – we expect to be accountable to you, the client.

How much is my home worth? Should I make any changes before I sell? How do I choose the right agent?  We are here to guide you and manage a process that is best suited for home and your objectives. You should have confidence throughout the sale process that your agent and the campaign is at all times focussed upon maximising your outcome.

A few reason why to choose Damien Steele;

  • Damien Steele Real Estate was established from a desire to deliver a better outcome for our client’s, with service and results you deserve – we are renowned for our boutique structure and philosophy - we are autonomous and adaptable - you will experience our distinction with personalised service from the company Principal and Licensed Real Estate Agent, Damien Steele conducting all aspects of the sales process and buyer interaction,

  • Our 13 year history in serving people to a higher standard across all market cycles and achieving record property sales across all price points, $445,000 to $24,600,000* is broad and comprehensive,

  • We honour a home owner’s natural ultimate objective is to achieve the highest possible sale price and we have the experience and are committed to serving your interests in order to deliver this goal – we will maximise the sale price within any given market,

  • We believe that our responsibility to you extends beyond our endeavour to maximise your sale price – we must also, at all times, deliver exceptional service and communication in order that you have confidence throughout the sales process that you are achieving the full potential a sale can offer,

  • We will listen to your individual requirements, offer our expert recommendations, respect your decisions and then serve you as our valued client,

  • Our focus and intent will always be on you, your objectives, your experience and your result,

  • We are extremely competent with property sale campaigns - relative to your property, your objectives, the market conditions at the time and your budget, we will individually tailor your marketing campaign then provide ongoing market feedback throughout the process to ensure we efficiently deliver a sale you are satisfied with,

  • We are available at all times for your questions, concerns, instructions and discussion.

    Contact us today so we can show you how we can best help you to achieve your expectations and beyond.